Why Do You Need R-22 Refrigerant?

Hydrochlorofluorocarbon is a colorless gas popularly known as R-22. It is used as a refrigerant. Due to ozone depletion, it wasn’t being considered as a viable source of cooling agent and fueling agent for air conditioning units. In 2008 R22 was being produced at 800GG units per year. Since then as it is being phased out of use all over the world there is even less available, be sure to get it while you can at http://www.bluonenergy.com/freon-price/.

R22 is used as a coolant for your air conditioning unit that cools your house. It is also used as a propellant. A propellant is used in producing energy or pressured gas to move fluid such as gasoline that is used to power vehicles, projectiles and other objects. It was used as an alternative to CF11 and CF12 because it did not do as much damage as the others. But R22 was also considered to be a dangerous greenhouse gas that damages the ozone layer which protects the world from losing its oxygen and the sun’s harmful rays. Other substitutes that were suggested and may be used are ammonia which is used in fishing boats and propane. (R22-Wikipedia at March 18, 2010) Not only does it work on your air conditioning but it also is used in commercial refrigeration units as well.

Under the Montreal, Protocol R22 has been phased out and other refrigerants are used such as propane, pentafluoroethane, R409A, R410A, R438A, and R507A. Freon also was known as R22 should be completely phased out of use by January 1, 2020. It will be illegal. All equipment that uses it will be obsolete. So all of your air conditioning units will need to be completely replaced or as a lot of articles say retrofitted. But until the phase-out, you should use it properly. Why? It costs less on your energy bill. Fake Freon will cause system damage, poor performance, fire, and explosions as well as high energy bills.

I know that prices of R22 are going high due to less being available. There is an alternative to R22 which is R410A. But before you substitute the R410A have an HVAC repairman check out your system. You have to replace your Freon entirely and destroy the old Freon. Which means that you may have to clean your unit out or replace your entire unit which has been also suggested.

R410A is referred to popularly as Puron and has been approved to be used in air conditioning units in new residences. Although it is still a hydrofluorocarbon it is safe for use as it won’t damage the ozone layer. As of 2015, R410A became the standard. The pluses to having R410A is that it causes your air conditioner run cool and it uses synthetic oil as a lubricant.
Commercial Refrigeration
According to the Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP), the refrigerant in the commercial is normally a “refrigerant in a vapor compression cycle to cool and/or dehumidify a substance or space such as a refrigerator cabinet or warehouse.” (SNAP at March 10, 2018)

Cold storage warehouses that store our food usually use ammonia as the refrigerant instead of R22 to power a vapor compression cycle and still, other refrigerants are used. Other cold storage for food is refrigerated transport or retail food refrigeration. (SNAP at March 10, 2018)

So be aware of the regulations and also be aware of the time looming because soon you will need a new refrigerant and more than likely a new air conditioner unit.

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