What Is an EB1C Green Card?

People who excel in their academic or professional circles are eligible for an EB1 visa. It allows them to stay in the United States permanently as legal residents. The first hurdle in obtaining it is proving that you have the requisite accolades to support your claim of excellence in your academic or professional field. You can demonstrate your worth in three categories, i.e., extraordinary ability, outstanding research, and managerial skills. The common term used for each of these categories is EB1A, EB1B, and EB1C respectively. Consequently, an EB1C visa is a preference visa for multinational managers. They receive it because of their role as managers in an organization that is within the US. If you require help, check out the services of Tadeo & Silva Immigration Attorneys.

– Detailed Description of the EB1C
The USCIS will issue a visa for you to come to the United States to work for a particular organization. You must have worked for this company at some point in the last three years. This work must have lasted for more than a year, and it must have been at managerial level. This visa helps you continue your service to the same enterprise.

In this case, you will serve it while you are in the United States because it has an affiliate, subsidiary, branch, or headquarters in the country. The company has to fulfill some set parameters as well before your EB1C visa becomes successful. For example, it must have done business in the United States for at least year before it extended an invitation to you to join the company.

– The Benefits of the EB1C Visa
Children of eligible individuals will receive visas as well if they are less than twenty-one years old. Spouses will get a green card as well. That means your EB1C will open doors for you and your loved ones. More specifically, your family members will accompany you to the United States where you will live as one big family in the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Another critical benefit of this visa program is that labor certification documents are unnecessary. These documents prove that you tried to hire a US worker for the job, but your efforts did not bear fruits. Consequently, you opted for a foreigner to fill that position. Instead, your employer prepares an immigrant petition that applies to alien workers, and that is it.

Other benefits include the ability to travel freely within the United States and outside it. Your work authorization permit allows you to work in any capacity while you are in the United States. However, the job offer from the company that invited him must be a full-time job. You also have access to the US education system for you and your loved ones in addition to numerous social programs.

– The Requisite Documents for an EB1C Visa
You must have signed documents that define the relationship between the entity in the US and the one that is abroad. Tax returns for the two corporate bodies and their articles of incorporation are necessary as well. Moreover, official documents detailing the organizational structure of the corporation and the job description of the invitee are critical.

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