Upgrading the wheels of your ATV

Regular maintenance of your ATV is important to ensure a long life of your machine. Additionally, there is increased security and comfort when you move out with the family over the weekends. Below are things to consider when upgrading tires and wheels;

Considering lighter wheels

If you are using steel wheels on your ATV and you feel that you want to reduce the weight of the machine, you should consider replacing steel with aluminum wheels from http://www.highlifter.com/. This is not costly depending on the model of your ATV it can cost about $ 200 to replace


When you install taller tires, you should beware that a higher gear ratio will be required due to the increased mass. Your engine will need more power so that it will be able to roll the wheels. If you do not upgrade the engine, it will have to strain more, and the ability to spin the wheels in mud will also be diminished. To solve the problems above,

you will have to install a clutch kit that is designed to give more low-end torque. Clutch kit the ATV engine to rev higher before engaging. In this way, the engine will have more power generated when it is needed. Alternatively, gear reduction is important to increase the ability to spin faster in the mud.

You should note the offset of the wheel and if possible remain with the same or same kind of offsets

In a layman’s language, offsets of the wheel are how far the rim sticks in and out from its mounting point when on the machine. This number is used to show how the steering is working. When wheels are more offset outwards, it becomes harder to turn the handlebars. On the other hand, a too much inward offset can bind other components.

Wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are not only considered for wider tires but also taller tires. The large diameter of the wheel makes it susceptible to rubbing the body while turning. When you use a wheel spacer, wheels are extended from the shocks, exhaust, and struts; therefore, the possibility of rubbing is reduced.

The wheel spacer increases ATV stability

When the ground clearance is added, the center of gravity is raised, and the ATV is susceptible to tipping. With increased wheel spacing, the weight is distributed more evenly making the machine more stable in corners.

Pick tire sizes that are reasonable

When you want to change the wheels of your ATV, you should consider the space in the fender. Big tire sizes of 4×4 require a bigger rolling space than the smaller sizes. The price that comes with the 4×4 wheel size can come with a higher price especially when you have to replace the fenders.

Tire pressure

It is essential to have a tire pressure gauge and a tire pump in your garage. Before moving out for a ride ensures that your tire pressures are inflated to the right pressure 100. Maintaining the proper pressure makes you comfortable riding on all kind of terrains. Additionally, you reduce the risk of having accidents.

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