Top six dangers of not cleaning your carpet

Good health comes first and is essential to living in a clean house, home, and neighborhood. One of the home equipment we need is a carpet to make our living in home enjoyable. But there are dangers of not cleaning your carpet which may be hidden and can range from health to physical injuries.

Promotes occurrence of allergens
Keeping your carpet for an extended period without cleaning leads to accumulation of huge of dirt. This provides a conducive environment for the allergens live. These allergens cause numerous health problems which may include; sneezing, chest congestion, increase in cold severity and rashes on the skin. These problems like a dirty carpet result in poor living conditions, so give a call to St Pete Carpet Pro right now to get it fixed.

Presence of pollutants and dust
Dirty carpets harbor dust and pollutants. There are a lot of particles hidden under the carpet which cannot be easily recognized. Without proper cleaning on a regular basis, they accumulate under the carpet and will cause asthma and numerous diseases related to dust. The color of your carpet may make it difficult to recognize the dust especially in the context where the color of carpet is the same as the dust.

Encourages Mold growth
Humid conditions and environment favor the growth of molds, and this may happen due to the accumulation of dirt that on the carpet that creates an enabling environment for the growth of molds. This may occur in the places that contain moisture all the time. These places are the kitchen and the bathroom. Molds pose health risks to household members especially under-five and school going children, the sick and expectant mothers who have reduced immunity. This health issues may include the occurrence of asthma and breathing problems. Also, bad smell and odor will result in interfering with fresh air in the house.

Enhances presence of Germs in the carpets
A dirty carpet is a good environment for growth and multiplication of germs. Germs are disease-causing microorganisms, and they lead to diseases such as diarrhea and stomach problems when they contaminate food. In houses where there are children who will pick anything on the carpet and put in the mouth, they quickly get sick. Many people living in household that have dirty carpet have reported many illnesses related to dirt and always give gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomach upsets.

Creates right environment for pest and insects to grow
Insects and pests readily breed on the carpets that have not been cleaned for quite some time. This insects and pests such as mites may bite anyone and cause transfer of disease and also inflict physical injury. Sometimes they may crawl on the beddings and bite you when asleep, and this may significantly interfere with your quality sleep.

May cause physical injuries
Dirty carpets are related to some form of physical injuries such as easily causing falls which may lead to a broken arm, feet or any other part of the body.

In conclusion, this article has depicted the dangers on not cleaning your health. It has shown clean carpets are vital for good health and good living conditions in our homes. Therefore, you should always on regular basis wash thoroughly your carpet. It is recommended to seek professionals services in case it is a challenge to do carpet cleaning at home. Always remember health is wealth.

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