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Moving residences can be a hectic experience if a person does not plan properly for it. One of the issues that might bring a lot of confusion and inconvenience is the failure to notify the mailing company of the change of your postal address. Until this is done, all your mails will be sent to your previous residence, which may not only lead to waste of time in tracing your parcels and letters, but might also compromise your privacy or make it impossible to trace mails sent to you prevent this by learning more from
So how do you change your address online? Follow these simple steps:
Permanent or Temporary Movement
First, you have to determine how long you intend to stay at your new residence. If you will be returning to your current location in a year or less, you should consider your movement as temporary; otherwise, any relocation that exceeds one year is regarded as permanent
Filing Change of Address Details Online
Once you have this in mind, log on to https:/www.usa.govlpost-office and fill the online form. The form has four major sections that require personal details, and the fifth section where you confirm the order. While applications for change of address are usually done for free, online applicants need to pay $1 fee using their credit or debit cards. This is not a fee per se; rather, the card transaction enables the mailing service to confirm the identity of the user.
Also, remember that the mailing service only considers a movement to be temporary if the person will be returning to the exact address that they previously owned. Therefore, if you will only be moving back to your current neighbourhood and not necessarily to the house that you are staying in in future, then you should still consider yourself a permanent mover.
Informing other Agencies of your Movement
Some people tend to wrongly assume that, once they have informed the post office of their change of address status, other mailers will receive details of the same. This is not true. It is important that you keep a list of all the people to whom you disclosed your address and inform them of this change. In addition, various companies and government agencies have their own protocols for receiving and recording change of address details. Non-US citizens, for instance, may be required by law to promptly contact us. Citizenship and Immigration Services of these changes. Other important agencies to notify include: State Election Offices, State Motor Vehicle Agencies, and Social Security Administration among others. Therefore, follow the set out procedures to avoid future complications.
Mail Holding Service
Instead of changing your address, another option that is available to those moving temporarily is the Mail Holding Service. Your local post office may be able to hold your letters for a while before sending them to the mailbox. This service is quite useful to people who are traveling far away for thirty days or less, and who do not want their letters or parcels to be deposited immediately to their mailboxes for various reasons. Contact your local post office for more information.

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