How To Grow A Beard

More often than not a beard grows naturally without even being noticed and that is when one realizes that it is time for the regular trimming. Well, while the process of growing a beard is commonly natural and faster in some men, the same is not prevalent to others as it is dependent on genetics and several other factors for example protein and vitamin diet intake. For men who actually care to know how to not only grow a beard but also to fasten the process, there are various ways to make it happen. These methods revolve around maintaining a clean, healthy skin, ensuring the overall health of your body and well, allowing nature to take its toll in beard growing. Get a beard care kit from to ensure the best possible beard growth.

The first step, assuming you already got the haircut and your chin is clean, is of course to keep it clean by washing it regularly. This might sound cliche but the cleaner your skin is, the faster the hair under the skin grows. So remember that the next time you forget to wash your face over a lazy weekend.

To make the washing even more exciting throw in a little magic with a skin exfoliator that comes in handy in making sure that the chin is even cleaner. Exfoliating your skin helps to get rid of the dead skin cells and this again encourages hair growth as the pores are left clean and aerated. An exfoliating mask is probably the best and easiest way to do it but you can still stick to the traditional scrubbing. The mask, once applied, will stick on for a while until it is ready to rinse off. That way the job will be done.

When you have washed and are out to your daily routine, you will need to make sure that your attention is on the growing whiskers. This you do by applying cream after washing. The cream or lotion will make sure you stay clean all day. Also it is good to moisturize your skin by applying a moisturizer that protects your skin from drying. Dry skin will do no good in growing a healthy beard.

The second step involves focusing on your diet. Protein has been found to help a great deal in hair and nail growth. Incorporate vegetables to provide essential vitamins required for hair growth. Taking daily biotin and vitamin supplements also works as well. The trick is to make sure your diet is well balanced and you have maximized on vitamin B1, B6 and B12 supplements. Then you will be good to go.

Most and almost all of our body functions are performed best when we are at ease. So rest. Rest and rest. Enough sleep hours will give the body the time it requires to grow a healthy beard. Make it a habit and your beard will grow with no time at all.

Regular body exercise is vital just don’t let it be a source of stress. Yoga could work and other exercise geared to pure body relaxation.

You can do all these with your attention solely being on the growth of your beard or if you have been doing this all along you can simply throw away the trimmer and let your beard grow on its own. Either way, your beard will have grown as it should; the healthy way.

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