How long it takes to spruce up a lawn

If you want your lawn to look beautiful and healthy, then regular routine care should be taken.You need to take precautions for the first few weeks if you have just set up a new lawn. No matter the type of weather you experience in your region, your lawn can still be beautiful if taken care of well. How long does it take to make a lawn look good? Well, this question can be answered when you take different factors into consideration.

Features of the Lawn

For an established lawn, features like presence of weeds can affect the length of time it takes to make your lawn look good. In order to fight weeds, thick, healthy turf must be maintained with its natural defenses. You can treat weeds by changing how you take care of your lawn. For example, changing your watering schedule. We usually use the help of in order to keep our lawn in good condition.

Soil pH

According to “Lawn Care Giver” by Lawn Smith, majority of areas are covered with acidic soil. Acidic soil needs light sprinkling of Calcium carbonate lime. Soil test can also be conducted and its pH adjusted to be within 6.0 to 7.0 ranges. The test kit can also show nutrient deficiency for example, low iron and phosphorous. This can be solved using different fertilizer. If the soil is alkaline, its pH can be lowered by using sulfur products for gardening.


Availability of water is key to your lawn care. It can affect the length of time it will take for your lawn to look good as well. Your lawn needs to be watered at different schedules especially at night from 11pm to midnight, or very early in the morning from around 7am to 1oam. Different species of grass behave differently, for example, drought-resistance grass tends to retain a lot of water for a long period of time.

Mower Blade

Mower blade can make you lawn look either beautiful or ragged. If the mower blade is sharp, then the grass will look neat and beautiful, if the blade is dull, then the edge of the grass will look ragged. After mowing, check the grass blade, if it’s frayed, sharpen it so as to reduce the time spent on mowing.

Size of the Lawn and the Landscape

The size and the landscape can determine how long it will take for your lawn to look good. If the lawn size is big and the labor required is not enough, it might take time and the reverse is true. Sloping landscape can lead to water runoff and your lawn will be left with steep slope or clay soil. Water the lawn with less water than the normal way and after sometime, you can water again.

In conclusion, just like your home needs regular maintenance to look nice, so is your lawn. Whether it is an established lawn or a new lawn, care must be given. To take less time making your lawn look good, factors like the features of the lawn, availability of water, the sharpness of the mower blade, size and the landscape of the lawn must be put to consideration.

What is Merchant Account?

Your business is gliding up to a next level and it is expanding like never before. and you are looking for a way of upgrading your payment method. More importantly, you are looking for a secure method of receiving payments. Have you considered receiving your payments through a debit or credit card or Currently, this is the best and most widely used secure method that merchants are using to receive payments. However, if you will opt for this payment method, you will need to apply for a merchant account.

What is merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account which allows business owners (merchants) to receive payments. The payments can be received in multiple ways, but the typical method of receiving payments is via the debit or credit card. Hence, with a merchant account, you will be able to settle payments via your credit or debit card.

Merchant Account – How does it work?

A merchant account is established with the agreement between you and your acquiring bank, the bank where your account is domiciled. Moreover, you will have to contract a third party company, the payment processor, who is also a party to the agreement. The payment processor will be handling all your payment transactions by working with your acquiring bank and you will be able to receive payments via your debit or credit card.

Benefits of Merchant Account

1. Ensuring smoother transactions: With a merchant account, you will be able to accept both debit and debit card payments. This will help to eliminate any frictions in buying and selling products and services as well as increasing customer traffics and improving cash flows.

2. Increasing sales: It has been established that customers tend to spend more when offered a credit or debit card payment option; consequently, as your sales increases.

3. Improved money management: With credit and debit card payments, you will be able to streamline your payments and manage your transactions. In addition, you will be able to avoid bounced checks and handle repeated payments that are associated with recurring services you provide.

4. Increased security: Once you are contracting with a certified payment processor, you will rest assured that your customers’ card data is secure.

Types of Merchant Account

Based on the payment processor viewpoint, merchants can be assigned two types of account:

1. High-risk merchant account

2. Low-risk merchant account

A high-risk merchant account is the type of merchant account in which the business has high-risk factors such as high chargeback or fraud rate, questionable legality, weak bank regulations, bad credit card history etc. Conversely, if a business has very low or no risk factors, the processor handles the account as a low-risk merchant account. Few processors provide high-risk merchant account and those who provide it charge high fees and rates.

How to Apply and Be Approved for Merchant Account

If you will apply and approved a merchant account, you need the following items:

    • A legal entity for your business
    • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • Business account

With these three items, you can start processing your application for a merchant account. However, a sole proprietor does not need these items; all the sole proprietor has to do is to open the merchant account under his personal name by using his Social Security Number as his/her tax ID Number.

Dangers of hiring the wrong home moving service

Professional home moving services like are in high demand. However, there are dangers involved when you hire the wrong home moving service provider. When considering the type of home moving company to hire, one should consider factors like; relocation experience, moving safety, the cost of relocation, remarkably efficiency and your peace of mind when your house is being relocated.

Mistakes commonly made when moving a house

Before moving your house, you should have a plan. A detailed plan is necessary when moving your house for instance; travel arrangements, booking a moving company, giving your address of residence and relocation as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays. Additionally, you should make a detailed inventory about all your property in a notebook, your phone, laptop or even a piece of paper. If necessary, you should have two copies. This ensures that you pack all your belongings and that they travel safely and non is left.

The following are common mistakes involved when hiring a home moving company and their dangers:

  • Failing to notify your change of address.
  • Notifying your change of address to your employer or the moving company is very important.
  • Informing them helps in preventing delays or the loss of important documents and mails.
  • Packing heavy boxes. It is usually advisable to pack boxes not heavier than twenty kilograms (20 kgs).
  • Considering that it would be difficult to lift the boxes to the truck if they were very heavy.
  • Hiring the wrong sized truck.
  • The size of the truck is very crucial.
  • Usually, it is determined by the size and type of the items that you want to move.
  • This prevents unwanted packing and damaging of your items.
  • Fragile items require a large and spacious truck as compared to durable items.

Benefits of hiring a professional moving company

Hiring of a professional moving company for assistance in your relocation has various advantages which include; You have peace of mind. Since the moving company has experience in relocation, your property will have a smooth and stress-free moving and will arrive to you in good condition. In knowing that your property is in safe hand, will ease your tension and you will have a good day.


Since the company you have hired has experience in doing their work, you can rely on them for your transportation of items. Professional relocates know different techniques in moving your property and hence the relocation will cause no harm to your possessions.


Since the professional relocates have the required skills and ways of moving of possessions your commodities will be delivered to you when you require them and at the right time.


The moving company will be held responsible for any damage caused to your possession during the transportation process. Unlike when you use your friends and family in your relocation, any damage caused you will be accountable to them.

Efficient and save you from heavy lifting. Professional movers have proper training in handling heavy commodities such as; heavy boxes and furniture. Hence, during the relocation they will handle your possession efficiently and save you from back strain and health related associated with heavy lifting.

In conclusion, it is advisable to hire professional home moving companies to avoid the dangers involved. In addition, you should insure your possession during the move and contact them to make sure your items are safe during the move.