How to change your name on your social security card

The social security card is a piece of sheet that is normally assigned to United States legal citizens as well as permanent residents or temporary working residents. Since its establishment in the year 1936, it has continued to grow and gain popularity to the extent of becoming a symbol of citizenship; thus making it a legal requirement for any legal citizen of the United States of America. This card gives guidance on the assessment of financial information of the citizens. It is important to note that, there are special cases where one may need to change their name on their social security card. Several incidences may compel one to change his or her names legally. Some of these incidences include marriage, divorce decree, and court order among other reasons that are legally binding. The process of changing one’s name of the social security card entails various steps and procedure, as outlined in the United States laws.

First, one must inform the Social Security through an intermediary like the need to change the names and provide sufficient reasons that make one to take this initiative. Telling the officers at the Social Security helps in smoothening operations thus getting a corrected card. If one is an employee, it essential to inform the employer since in case your name changes and you did not notify them, you may get unhinged in the ways stated below:

• You may experience delays in your tax refund.

• It may prevent your wages from being correctly posted to your social security record.

Consequently, lowering the number of your future security benefits in a rather significant manner. Note that, there are no charges incurred and also, it is a procedure no to be done online.

Additionally, during this procedure, you will need to provide important documents as evidence of a legal name change.The documents that may be accepted to prove that change includes; Marriage document, a decree of divorce, certificate of Naturalization stating a new name or a court order for a name change. In some cases however, the materials provided do not give enough information on the legal name changed thus you need to provide proof of your identity. At times, if you are a lawful non-citizen, you may also be required to prove that. Filling out of an application for a social security card is an important process.Finally, one is required to mail their application and document to their local social security office.

It is evident therefore that the most important aspects of changing of a name or names on one’s Social Security Card are legality. It is an important document that requires an element of accuracy since it is important in acquiring various Government services and even in getting of jobs. The social security card thus needs to be handled securely and adequately so at to have it safe all through. As an identifier of one’s citizenship, it is important to follow the procedure above in case of any changes in names to be made to avoid disorientation of any given kind during funding and other essential services for a citizen of the United States of America.